Logistics: Help Wanted

Hello everybody, team logistics here.

In our wonderful world that is event prep we have happened upon a bit of a pickle in which you, our beloved players, may be able to help us out.

I'll come straight out with it, we don't have enough sizeable cars in which to transport our secured tents from Oxford to the site and back again. We need one generous soul (who shall become an exhalted paragon of the human race on completion of their aid) with something approaching an estate sized car with adequate space, to bring Bunni's marquee up from Oxford on Friday and take it back on Sunday. The marquee will be used to secure more IC tent space for the event and I dare say either Dom, Lucy, Sarah, or myself will hump your leg with joy for doing us this service. Alternatively we can give you some cash for your efforts.

So yes, if you have a sizeable car that is coming via a remotely Oxford direction, get in touch and I'll give you the details and coordinate with you. Your help will be immensely appreciated!

In love and hope,


Edit: HELP IS AT HAND! ALL HAIL rob_willatts!!
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Booking now open for event 3


Will take place from Fri 28th - Sun 30th October, 2011 at Ullesthorpe Scout Camp, Leicestershire
Bookings are now open from Wednesday 13th April for Event 3.

- Prices start from £50(concessions), and £55 (standard rate).
- There is a fee of £5 to book a bunk this time.
- New players and returning players / characters from Events 1 & 2 equally welcome.
For players that attended Event 2, Downtime will open for 3 weeks from 1st May 2011.
We will no longer be offering Downtime only tickets.

For details on the system and booking process please go to:

Winter in the Willows is a Live-Action Role-Playing game now on its third event, centred around the fight for survival that characters face with Winter on its way. More detailed information is available on our website.

If you did not attend Event 1 or 2, here is a short summary of the setting to whet your appetite:
“The place is Berkshire, what is left of it - the overgrown out-flung arms of the Wild Wood and the ruins of London-That-Was. The date is unknown, not that it ever mattered. The time, for now, is not Winter, although every living thing pays heed to Winter's cruel advance.

What is known - what is passed from animal to animal - is that it is 200 years since the Knifewinter wiped human civilisation from the Countryside. Taking their chances, the Weasels seized London for themselves, setting themselves up as lords of all. The Moles dug deep, digging new tunnels and mines; the Ferrets moved to the roadways in their brightly-coloured wagons and the Stoats retreated deep into the Wild Wood, to become something cruel and feral and fearful.

Although 200 years have passed, most of the Animals do not possess the drive to Science that characterised humanity - and possibly condemned it. As such, all that remains of them is the 19th-Century ruins they left behind, as well as their technology, fashion and a bare few of their ideals. The Animals have made the best of them.

Now, the Toad scientists and Weasel street-gangs define the heights of "Fash'n" having seized control of the dying breaths of Technology, in vast factories managed by their Rabbit slaves. The Moles and the Hedgehogs jealously guard the few tattered Manuals and devices they have managed to scavenge. The Water-Rats and the Ferrets control trade on the rivers and the roads. Deep in the heart of the Wild Wood, the solitary Badgers have clung to the vestiges of Culture, building havens of Civilisation in the dark between the green.

The less said about Foxes, the better.

The earliest years of the 20th Century were the last years of humanity. Now, some time on, the Animals of The Wind in the Willows are distant memories, or perhaps legends, and their descendants eke out a living in the Countryside that the humans left behind. They meet at Country Fayres to negotiate trade, share ideas and gossip, and if necessary, to hunt for the food to survive Winter.”

We hope to see you at our third Event.
Best Wishes,
The Firecat Masquerade Team

Help, my water rat needs a face!

Looking to get a latex prosthetic I can use for water rat. Ideally a hard wearing one I can stick on, forget about and reuse for duration of character. I've looked at the pics on the Knifewinter page and nothing really appeals.

So, thoughts anyone?

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Calling all rabbits

There are more rabbits. There are always more rabbits. But winter is lonely, and it is not rabbit to be alone. Rabbits should find Rabbit together. Rabbits should spend time with other rabbits. Rabbit has made a group for rabbits to be with rabbits and to be Rabbit. Rabbits should join the group and be Rabbit together, for being Rabbit is Rabbit.

Or, in English, there's a Google group for rabbits. This is only for OOC discussion of props, instruments, songs, and occasionally how we want to interpret the brief as rabbits as a whole. Since the group may be rather FOIP-ful, membership is limited to people currently playing rabbits or who are going to play a rabbit, ideally to the point of having booked and received the rabbit racial brief.

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Off topic - simulation call out

People needed for Firecat simulation for Clarity Security Training on Tues day 7th Dec and Wed 8th Dec. Training aidworkers from a number of major relief and development agencies as part of a training course for humanitarian aid workers, who will be deploying overseas.

If you are interested can you contact l us at firecat.masquerade at gmail dot com

We need 4 people to be Road Traffic Accident victims and 5 people to join our group of IDPs in an emergency camp (Internally Displaced People - what you are before you become a refugee by crossing an international boarder). 

The RTA simulation is on the 7th Dec - you would need to be on site by 9am, and would be finished by 2 or 3pm.

The IDP simulation is on 8th Dec - you would need to be on site by 11.30am, and would be finished by 6 or 7pm. There is also a course dinner on this evening, which actors are welcome to attend.

If anyone is up for doing both - i *may* be able to squeeze you into my lovely caravan (i say caravan, its a mobile home type one, with 4 rooms (2 of which are occupied for the course by myself and the lovely C, my co-trainer) , and a living room, and gas heating and i'm rather fond of it!) overnight.

This is an opportunity to be covered in fake blood, test the ingenuity of the participants and generally have a laugh with a great bunch of people in a field. 

For those doing the IDP Camp, there is the additional fun of coming under sniper fire and if you are one of the lucky ones, "shot" and "killed".

Anyone who can help us out with this will receive:

Our eternal gratitude
£20 fee for giving up their time and being good sports
Up to £20 for transport costs
Homemade Lunch !

The location is Wellingborough, Northants, so most suitable for those who can either get to the train station by public transport - where we can organise taxi or lifts, or who have wheels!

Please help us, and have fun and get a good charitable glow into the bargain.

Propogation to suitable parties as usual is appreciated!
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Spiced Apple Juice: A Ferret Recipe

So I made this spiced apple juice at the fayre and everybody liked it so I thought I'd write down what I put in it and share it with people and Itchy helped and Doc read it over for me afterwards and I must have written it right because he was laughing so here it is (it does not go boom).

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