Adam (logmplus1) wrote in the_knifewinter,

Calling all rabbits

There are more rabbits. There are always more rabbits. But winter is lonely, and it is not rabbit to be alone. Rabbits should find Rabbit together. Rabbits should spend time with other rabbits. Rabbit has made a group for rabbits to be with rabbits and to be Rabbit. Rabbits should join the group and be Rabbit together, for being Rabbit is Rabbit.

Or, in English, there's a Google group for rabbits. This is only for OOC discussion of props, instruments, songs, and occasionally how we want to interpret the brief as rabbits as a whole. Since the group may be rather FOIP-ful, membership is limited to people currently playing rabbits or who are going to play a rabbit, ideally to the point of having booked and received the rabbit racial brief.

Tags: rabbit
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