Casper (casparrrrgh) wrote in the_knifewinter,

Logistics: Help Wanted

Hello everybody, team logistics here.

In our wonderful world that is event prep we have happened upon a bit of a pickle in which you, our beloved players, may be able to help us out.

I'll come straight out with it, we don't have enough sizeable cars in which to transport our secured tents from Oxford to the site and back again. We need one generous soul (who shall become an exhalted paragon of the human race on completion of their aid) with something approaching an estate sized car with adequate space, to bring Bunni's marquee up from Oxford on Friday and take it back on Sunday. The marquee will be used to secure more IC tent space for the event and I dare say either Dom, Lucy, Sarah, or myself will hump your leg with joy for doing us this service. Alternatively we can give you some cash for your efforts.

So yes, if you have a sizeable car that is coming via a remotely Oxford direction, get in touch and I'll give you the details and coordinate with you. Your help will be immensely appreciated!

In love and hope,


Edit: HELP IS AT HAND! ALL HAIL rob_willatts!!
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