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I see bandwaggon... *pounce*

Anyone want to hear from Shaman Rani?

Reciprocal impressions are welcomed - nay, encouraged!

For obvious (and perhaps not so obvious) reasons, certain requests may be considered too FOIP - where possible I will message people with those ones, or I will respond with a short tale, or something cryptic and interesting instead.

I may also accept challenges, so feel free to suggest something :D

No fool like an old fool.

Fools everywhere.
Blasphemous fools that will desecrate a totem.
Fools that will raise the very dead back to a shadow of life.
Young fools so caught up in the glamour that they forget who they are.
Arrogant fools who seek to make another something she is not.

Timid cowards who do not try to stop them.

Yes that does include you Tansy Erinaca. You and the doctor can mutter and tut as much as you like, neither of you acted either. Should never have let them carry on the ritual, should have made her come back to her own people, but you were too timid. All you and he did was talk about it.

Oh yes, we've learned. Oh no, it wont happen again. But thats too late for her isnt it?

No wonder the song is wrong. The Land is full of fools and cowards.

The Passing of a Stoat

The following is an OOC glimpse into the conflict within the mind of one particular stoat.  I wasn’t intending to post it but horrible vengeance has been threatened against me if I don’t.  To the two people referenced in this story, please don’t take it personally.  In case it wasn’t obvious this stoat is pretty confused right now.


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With amelia/ am am am am aaaaaaaaammahhh now nothing but a cautionary tale to young hedgehogs I am willing to write impressions for those that want them! (would also love to get some)

So please feel free to request one and I will do my best!

The Ballad of West Molesy

Dear Readers,


My weekend was very Rabbit.

There was very much hard work to be done. Hard work is Rabbit.

There was very much singing and dancing to be done. Singing and dancing is Rabbit.

I was permitted to tell many stories, including a little bit of my own. I was very pleased to meet with other Rabbits, and other People who were not Rabbits. I told a little bit of my own story, and then I told the epilogue of a Toad's story, and then I told another Rabbit's story (which is the kind of story I like the most), and then I told a Weasel's story, and then I went to Lapinalia (although I am sad that I did not get to dance and sing with the many Rabbits I met the night before), and then I told the last chapter of a Fox's story, and then I told an Otter's story.

Telling stories is Rabbit.

Many of you listening to me are not Rabbit. It will make you a little bit more Rabbit if you tell some of your story here. You will enjoy it.

You will enjoy it.
winter in the willows, knifewinter, weasel

Larpers wanted for firecat/charity security training wed 3rd nov

People needed for Firecat simulation for Clarity Security Training on Wed 3rd Nov - if you are interested can you contact erestania, post here, email us at firecat.masquerade at gmail dot com, or contact me - Really need people to sign up ASAP, as this is next week now!

"We need a 3 people to be Road Traffic Accident victims and 2 people to join our group of IDPs in an emergency camp (Internally Displaced People - what you are before you become a refugee by crossing an international boarder).  This is an opportunity to be covered in fake blood, test the ingenuity of the participants and generally have a laugh with a great bunch of people in a field.  For those doing the IDP Camp, there is the additional fun of coming under sniper fire and if you are one of the lucky ones, "shot" and "killed".

Anyone who can help us out with this will receive:

Our eternal gratitude
£20 fee for giving up their time and being good sports
Up to £20 for transport costs
Homemade Lunch !

Timings for those on the Cas Sim would be to arrive at 08.30 for a 10.00 start, with 4 iterations of the simulation.  Their part of the day would be complete by 15.00.

Timing for those on the IDP Camp would be to arrive on site for 11.00 for a 13.00 start, with 4 iterations of the simulation.  With a 18.30/19.00 Finish, The location is Wellingborough, Northants, so most suitable for those who can either get to the train station by public transport - where we can organise taxi or lifts, or who have wheels!

Please help us, and have fun and get a good charitable glow into the bargain.

If you cant do it - propogation especially to those in the local area welcome!

Right back to getting things ready for WITW Event 2 - see you all in a few days!
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