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Winter in the Willows : The Knifewinter
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Winter in the Willows: The Knifewinter - Event 3 - 28th - 30th Oct, 2011.
Winter in the Willows : The Knifewinter.

Event Three - "Call of the Wild : Hunting Songs"
Fri 28th to Sun 30th October, 2011.
Hosted at Ullesthorpe Campsite, Leicestershire.

The place is Berkshire, what is left of it - the overgrown outflung arms of the Wild Wood and the ruins of London-That-Was.
The date is unknown, not that it ever mattered. The time, for now, is not Winter, although every living thing pays heed to Winter's cruel advance.

What is known - what is passed from animal to animal - is that it is 200 years since the Knifewinter wiped human civilisation from the Countryside. Taking their chances, the Weasels seized London for themselves, setting themselves up as lords of all. The Moles dug deep, digging new tunnels and mines; the Ferrets moved to the roadways in their brightly-coloured wagons and the Stoats retreated deep into the Wild Wood, to become something cruel and feral and fearful.

Although 200 years have passed, most of the Animals do not possess the drive to Science that characterised humanity - and possibly condemned it. As such, all that remains of them is the 19th-Century ruins they left behind, as well as their technology, fashion and a bare few of their ideals. The Animals have made the best of them.

Now, the Toad scientists and Weasel street-gangs define the heights of "Fash'n" having seized control of the dying breaths of Technology, in vast factories managed by their Rabbit slaves. The Moles and the Hedgehogs jealously guard the few tattered Manuals and devices they have managed to scavenge. The Water-Rats and the Ferrets control trade on the rivers and the roads. Deep in the heart of the Wild Wood, the solitary Badgers have clung to the vestigies of Culture, building havens of Civilisation in the dark between the green.

The less said about Foxes, the better.

The earliest years of the 20th Century were the last years of humanity. Now, some time on, the animals of The Wind in the Willows are distant memories, or perhaps legends, and their descendants eke out a living in the Countryside that the humans left behind. Twice a year, they meet at Country Fayres to negotiate trade, share ideas and gossip, and if necessary, to hunt for the food to survive Winter.

Winter in the Willows is a Live-Action Role-Playing game set to begin in Spring 2010, centred around the fight for survival that each species faces with Winter on its way. It is run by flannelcat, with this community maintained by marcus_felix. Here, the players and crew of Winter meet to discuss ideas, share fictions and creativity, and if necessary, hunt for the inspiration to make the game more awesome.

"Winter in the Willows" is not endorsed by the Kenneth Grahame estate, or by William Horwood. "Winter in the Willows" LRP holds no rights on the original works.